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Perfect Optical Properties in Production of Aluminum Oxide Colloid Nanoparticles

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TEHRAN (INIC)- Iranian researchers produced nanoparticles in forms of colloids which have very good optical properties and conserve their stability for a long time.


Aluminum oxide colloid nanoparticles have applications in various fields and industries, including laser, solar cells, production of transistors and nanomedicine. The colloid form of these particles have very interesting properties and characteristics, and their size, shape and properties at nanometric scale can be controlled very well.


According to the researchers, the stability of nanomaterials in long period is one of the most important challenges in the production of nanomaterials. The large difference between surface and volume energy of nanoparticles is the cause of this problem. This energy gap, in addition to other parameters such as density difference in electrical charges and type and density of surface atoms, which are affected by the morphology of the particles, prevent the easily formation of a stable colloid. These parameters in addition to other obstacles such as the creation of stable chemical complexes in an uncontrolled situation prevents the formation of alumina nanoparticles in form of colloid, and therefore it is very important to select a certain method to obtain the desirable results.





The produced nanoparticles have very high stability and appropriate optical properties, and they can be used in the production of optical devices. Taking into account the desirable optical properties of the produced nanoparticles, it is expected that an important step is taken in the development of nanotechnology in the field of medicine, electronics and photonics after passing the required tests and obtaining mass-production of these nanoparticles.




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